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The Significance of Technology in the Life of Human Beings

Technology has had big effects on the way human beings carry out their daily activities Effectiveness and reduction of the workload is a major objective of scientists and specialists. Terence Mills has built eight companies that have a corporate strategy to trigger digital transformation. The integration of artificial intelligence in our everyday lives have brought about a significant and positive impact on both the social and work environments of man

Simplicity is tailored by complex algorithms that run in software accessed by common and sometimes computer illiterate individuals For example search predictions in the google search engine that are usually according to the users search history is an example of how artificial intelligence simplifies life The use of robotics have simplified complex tasks that are beyond man’s ability Activities that require accuracy and precision take a lot of time and companies opt to use robots with AI for this activities. The expansion of companies in the 21st Century has been caused by increased productivity.

Most people are opting to carry out commercial activities online This is because of the speed and unlimited access that the internet delivers The effects of this is the recognition of security and protection as a vital factor. A web based application that encompasses important aspects of commerce is a solution guaranteed to work now and in the future Alio is one such platform that has the important aspects of business online. These include fund accounting, general ledger, budgeting and salary administration

Technology has had very positive impacts on the social framework of human beings Through social media, the internet has led to globalization This facilitates communication between people across the continent The use of crypto currencies such as Bitcoin has led to financial globalization allowing users to trade with a common currency independent of economic factors

The interaction of companies and their users is often done digitally nowadays. Customers had to avail themselves physically at the companies offices to receive service. Long queues and a lot of disorder characterized most transactions Human beings who are prone to making simple but devastating mistakes were the weak link in the chain and this sometimes led to huge losses The procedure has however been simplified by the use of internet applications that promote order It is easier and cheaper to advertise company products online The company is able to reach their client without having to send mail to them