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How to Select the Perfect Camping Swag

Each camping swag has a unique design and properties depending on its manufacturer. Fortunately for you, there’s no shortage of high-quality camping swags made to cater to your particular preferences and budgetary considerations. Consider the factors below as you look for the ideal swag to provide an awesome camping expedition.

Swag Material

Always choose a swag boasting great-quality construction with materials like canvas. The best fabric should be of the perfect density and tear resistance. It’s also imperative to select material that’s rot proof, particularly if your camping site is wet.

Perfect Size

If you’re shopping camping swags, expect three regular size specifications: single, king, and double sizes. If you want the smallest swag spec, go for the single size. In case there’ll be two people sharing one swag, the best bet is the double size product.

Swag Style

Look for three common swag design options: the classic, the dome, and the tailor-made variety. Hikers and bikers who want something portable and fast to set up choose the traditional swag style.

On the other hand, the dome swag provides a dome when set up. With this swag, there’s some installing to do with the help of ropes and posts. Definitely, this swag model is bigger. Since no backpack is necessary to transport the swag, 4×4 tourists and motorcyclists love it.

Another desirable attribute of the dome-type swag is that it creates some space between the individual lying in it and the overhead cover. Likewise, the swag features a protective net to enhance airflow while guarding against insect infestation.


The putting up of a dome swag utilizes a couple of posts. These poles act as base framing, getting your swag to stand upright. Always choose strong poles since you’ll handle them repeatedly every time you assemble or take apart your swag. Normally, the best camping swags are equipped with posts of steel or a steel alloy. Such poles are steady, long-lasting, and can stand slight bending, hence their popularity. There are fiberglass poles too, although the material is not malleable, which is why the posts break at some point.

Mattress Type

The design of a camping swag includes a built-in mattress. The mattress of your preferred swag should not be too tough, exposing your back and other parts to pain as you sleep. Choose a mattress with the right balance of gentleness for your optimal comfort, without being to supple to the extent of contracting to the ground due to your weight.

Base your choice of a camping swag on a number of critical considerations. The most important considerations include a steady swag material, strong poles, good design, size, and mattress type.

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